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its darkest days. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now >> good morning, washington. it is friday. we're glad to have you with us. >> absolutely. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa and get the traffic in just a moment but first our meteorologist adam caskey, it feels nice and refreshing. >> yes. keep the windows open. not all the way because then it might get a little chilly. another comfortable morning. it is going to be abgreat afternoon as well. some rain in the forecast by sunday. we could use the showers. benton elementary, 62. temple hills at 59.
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mostly patchy afternoon clouds. lots of sunshine on our saturday. near 80 degrees. midday sunday, some rain and then late-day clearing. >> county police and the transportation department tell us the only thing blocked is eastbound on university and dennis. the right lane blocked. there was a utility pole knocked down there overnight. overnight construction on the beltway in virginia and tysons and the outer loop should be cleared. 95 south, the construction should be cleared out of the way as well. >> thank you. we're following a developing story now from california where one person was killed after an explosion and fire ripped through a neighborhood near san francisco. >> authorities say a ruptured gas line might be to blame for this inferno. all of it took place in the city of san bruno.
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officials say 53 homes were destroyed and another 120 were damaged. the fire is 50% contained. >> it was like an earthquake and a lot of rattling and the noise was phenomenal. it was so loud. >> at this point, officials don't know how many people were injured or how many are unaccounted for. crews plan to search through the rubble of the burned out homes later today. >> our other top story now, nine years after 9/11, religious tension still running high. at issue, an islamic cultural center near groundo zero and pastor's protest. at this time he has suspended plans to burn the quran. >> tomorrow here at the pentagon, president obama and
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top military brass and victims of 9/11 have been calling on terry jones of florida to cancel his quran-burning event. now a setback. accusations of lies and betrayal. yesterday terry jones said he called off his quran burning after reaching a deal with the imam. >> it is my understanding and i have his word that he will move the ground zero mosque to a different location. >> in new york, however, the imam made clear that no deal has been struck. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the muslim world will be islams under attack in america. >> now jones says the event has been suspended but not canceled. >> that was a sign that was what we should do. now we're a little bit, not
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totally, but back to square line. >> the government says it could endanger troops abroad and there are f.b.i. concerns that extremists might have watched the attack itself. locally muslims that we spoke with are hopeful this event won't happen. >> it is good news for him to change his mind, you know? >> jones appeared on thursday's "nightline" and when asked whether the event would go forward he said i really do not know. he is praying that it turns out well but some muslims are saying the damage has already been done. >> thank you, mike. there will be somber ceremonies . president obama will be at the pentagon for the second year in a row now. vice president joe biden will attend ceremonies at ground zero in new york city and michelle obama will join laura
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bush as ceremonies in shanksville, pennsylvania. today's news conference comes after a week in which president obama rolled out several new proposals to jump start the ailing economy. iran says it will release one of the three american hikers it has been holding for more than a year now. 31-year-old sarah short was captured while hiking along the border back in 2009. iran accused her and two of her come been aons of being spies. this comes after the holy month of ramadan. >> it has happened again. a metro bus driver under arrest. samuel kingston was arrested at his home in gaithersburg this week. he is the fourth driver arrested this year in connection with a sexual assault. he is accused of
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inappropriately touching a passenger who has cerebral palsy. >> when he was removing her from the van, he inappropriately touched her body. >> i would think they need to have better screening before they hire someone. >> in july, another metroaccess driver allegedly raped a disabled passenger. authorities believe he fled the country. earlier in the year, two others were fired after allegations of sexual assault. >> family members mourning the loss of a teen who was murdered, apparently by somebody who wanted his bicycle. 15-year-old justin panell was shot and killed this week. his bike was stolen. family members say he wanted to back professional basketball player or go into the navy at this point police do not have any suspects. >> 5:06 now. 58 degrees on this cool friday morning. >> still ahead, a potential voting scandal just days before the district hits the polls.
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>> plus get ready for more changes, if you can keep up here. along the 149 street bridge, what drives -- 14th street bridge, who driv
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>> friday morning. 5:09. temperatures remain in the 50's. cumberland, 48 degrees. 58 in gainsville. humidity is very low. in the 40's to near 50. arlington, 59 and booming. let's get to the forecast this morning. the high near 80 degrees for an afternoon high. 81 is the average. northwesterly, not as gusty as it has been the last couple of days. temperatures near 80 saturday. by saturday night and throughout the first half of sunday, showers pushing through. quecked use the rain.
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we're expecting up to .25 of an inch. >> in maryland, silver spring authorities still cleaning up an accident that occurred earlier this morning. we're looking at university and dennis aver. we go to springfield now. take a look at i-95, which is in pretty good shape. there is a problem in dale city, on old bridge road, dale boulevard at old bridge road, there was an obstruction on the roadway. back to you. >> we have a traffic alert for drivers who use the 14th street bridge, construction work is going to take place again.
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the left shoulder will be closed from 10 tonight until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. the left center lane, which is already closed, is going to stay that way. all four lanes, though, will be restored and a new traffic pattern in place by 5:00 a.m. monday morning. if you can keep track of all that. >> 58 degrees outside. >> coming up in today's "tech bytes" where do you spend your time? the web has a new winner. >> plus more fallout from the alleged bribery scanned national the mayoral race. alleged bribery scanned national the mayoral race. >> and
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>> our top stories here at
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1:14. at least one person was killed when a fire and explosion ripped through a neighborhood in san francisco. it destroyed at least 53 homes and damaged another 123 homes. the fire is said to be 50% contained. officials say they don't know how many people are injured or how many are unaccounted for. a florida pastor says he is rethinking plans to cancel burning the quran. he said he thought the imam was going to move the location of the mosque near ground zero. the military halts the don't ask, don't tell policy. it is an issue that should be decided by congress. scott? >> we have new details on an abc 7 news investigation as we
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first told you, at least one d.c. resident said a campaign staffer for mayor adrian fenty offered him a job for his vote and then took back that deal. now a chief spount calling for an investigation. >> vincent gray wasted no time calling for an investigation, not just by the d.c. board of elections and ethics but by the f.b.i.. >> we have asked for an investigation into the allegations that someone was offered job in return for their vote. >> it is an investigation into whether the campaign offered a job in exchange for his vote. >> this is an unspecific allegation. no one has given us any name of anybody who did this. >> 19-year-old rudolph williams only remembers the campaign worker's name was john but he does have a recording of what the campaign worker told him when he called to find out
5:17 am
about the job he says he was promised >> they had too many people. >> campaign director sean madigan calls it a misunderstanding. >> i think it is a misunderstanding between the person answering the phone and the person making the call. >> he says all workers must sign conduct agreement and not make offers like the one alleged. >> bober litsch voted already bob erlich has lowered voted in early voting. >> in today's "tech bytes,"
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facebook inches past google. more people spent more time on facebook last month than google. apple started selling its new line of ipods this week including the revamped touch. apple's c.e.o. steve jobs calls it an iphone without a contract. "u.s.a. today" says it comes pretty close. >> i don't think it is a 24-7 cell phone replacement but you can make calls in a pinch and also using such third party apps. as long as you have a decent connection, the quality is certainly not bad. those are your "tech bytes". i'm rob nelson. >> thanks, rob. it is time now for traffic and
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weather every 10 minutes. i can get used to these cooler temperatures. putting on a sweater early in the morning. >> perfect. got in the car this morning. turned it on. 3 degrees. >> some folks will turn on their -- 63 degrees. >> a little bit warmer in surrounding areas. 61 at the g.w.u. geography department. gaithersburg, 53. for the most part we are starting our day in the 50's, like yesterday. culpeper is 55. 81 the high temperature. exactly average for this time of yore. today very similar but i'm expecting highs a couple of degrees cooler. upper 70's for the most part. maybe 80-81.
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the latest drought monitor shows parts of our region in severe drought and extreme drought. parts of northern virginia, montgomery and other counties. we could still use the showers. despite not being in a drought in some of those locations, we're still dry and the lawns and gardens could use a watering. the remnants of hermine still lingering. that is going to pass to our north and push some of this moisture our way and bring it to us by sunday. we'll see an increase in cloud cover. maybe half an inch in some spots. -- of rain. >> university boulevard at
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dennis avenue, authorities are still cleaning up an accident. the traffic lights are dark as well. northwest d.c., just got word from d.c. fire. dealing with a manhole fire. in prince william county there is a problem over on the prince william parkway at ridgefield road. that in that situation police will direct you around whatever the obstruction in the roadway. >> 5:21 is your time. 58 degree outside. >> coming up, does clinton portis have anything left in the tank? he thinks so. >> and later today on "oprah." will smith, jada pinkett smith and their children. find out how this fascinating
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family -- coming up on abc 7.
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>> brett favre and the minnesota vikings began this football season just like they ended the last one, with a loss to the new orleans saints down in the buy you.
5:25 am
41-year-old favre had his t.d. and one pick in the 14-9 loss. >> locally a lot of excitement we know surrounding the new season. fans waiting to see if the coaching regime can succeed. >> we'll know soon enough when we play dallas sunday night. >> the cowboys have beaten the red skins three straight times and the cowboys are the odds on favorites sunday. the game will mark clinton portis' return to action. his critics claim he doesn't have much left. his best is behind him. number 26 has something to prove. >> i'm just going to go out and play my game. i feel good and i think i know what i'm capable of doing and i think the world knows what i'm capable of doing. i have to go out and find a way to lead this team and lead us to victory. >> for tennis fans, rafael
5:26 am
nadal cruised to an easy win over fernando verdasco. he hits one with his back to the net and nadal does a spin move of his own. he goes on the win. rafael nadal going after his third straight major. have a great friday, everybody. tgif. >> amen to that. 5:26 is your time. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> ratcheting up the religious tensions worldwide. now this morning, a new warning for anyone with travel plans. >> a comfortable, >>ing morning. >> a comfortable, >>ing morning. a few changes as we head into
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>> like that. really big. i thought at first -- it was like fire coming from -- >> scary stuff. straight ahead this half-hour, a roaring inferno rages through a california suburb. good morning, washington. we're going to have much more on that story in just a few minutes but we begin as always, with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey with a check of the forecast, a nice and cool forecast. >> we could call it crisp even. we could. you like that? very comfortable outside now. mainly in the 50's and a few areas in the 40's. we need rain. it has been 18 days without
5:30 am
rain. today will be day 19 and tomorrow day 20. sunday looks like it is coming. that's good news because we need the showers. we have extreme drought going on just to the north and west. locally we're ok in terms over the drought situation. we're still feeling the effects of not having rain the last couple of weeks. martinsburg at 67. they are under the extreme drought. marshall, virginia, 54. we have severe drought. bow we, 61. how temperatures in the upper 70's. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. by sunday, even late saturday night into the midday of sunday, by about noon or 1:00 p.m., we should see a few scattered showers, mainly even accumulating to about half an inch. that would be fantastic. we'll take every drop. low 80's sunday. now let's look at the roads.
5:31 am
what does it look like? >> a new accident to report in prince william counties. apparently on the southbound side from fairfax toward prince william. let's go over to 270 now and take a look at southbound traffic, which is going to be slow getting past the interchange at route 109. university boulevard at dennis avenue, an early morning crash took down a utility pole. the traffic signals at university and dennis are out. back to you. >> a florida pastor is flip-flopping on his plans to burn copies of the quran tomorrow. he has been asked from people all around the globe including the white house not to do it. he says he has been duped and betrayed.
5:32 am
>> here near the pentagon, tomorrow, president obama and top military brass remember the victims of 9/11. those same military leaders in the meantime, have been calling on pastor terry jones of florida to cancel that quran-burning event. they worry that rising international tensions will lead to danger for americans adrod and service members. yesterday there was relief when jones announced a deal with muslim leaders that in exchange for canceling his event that the mosque would move to another location. the imam behind that said no such deal was reached. now it is very unclear what jones will do. he said he feels duped and betrayed and was lied to by those muslim leaders. when asked directly on last night's "nightline" he said he doesn't know what he will do
5:33 am
but said sometime later today he will make a final decision and announcement and he said he has been praying the situation works out well. many muslims say the damage has already been done. >> this controversy has prompted the state department to issue a travel warning. officials are urging travelers to be aware of the possibility that protests could become violent if the burning of qurans does take place. president obama will be at the pentagon more for the second year in a row. vice president joe biden will attend ceremonies at ground zero in new york city and first lady michelle obama will join laura bush in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> we're following a developing story now from california this morning where a massive inferno is raging in a san francisco suburb. at least one person is dead and more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed.
5:34 am
authorities blame the flame on a massive gasoline explosion. >> officials are on the scene trying to douse the fire and look for victims. we're joined with the very latest development. >> good morning. we are near what is being called the epicenter of this explosion and at that site there is a crater 15-feet wide and this explosion was so bad that it melted the asphalt and this 24-inch pipe said to be responsible for all of this split in two. when you go to that neighborhood, it looks like war zone. all that is left of house are chimneys. cars are charred. flames shot up hundreds of feet into the air and people heard an explosion and they were trying to get to safety, out of the way of this inferno. people had to be evacuated to shelters and at least 50 homes have been destroyed. as you mentioned, one person is
5:35 am
dead. there were several people, about 20 people at least taken to local hospitals being treated for burns but officials believer that number is going to go up as they continues to go through neighborhoods to make sure there are no more victims. the power is out in much of this neighborhood and the gas company is here trying to shut off the gas and fire fiketters are here trying to contain the fire. they have about 50% of it contained, but it is still burning and thept to make sure as this gas -- it doesn't continue to burn. they are going to be here all night and continue to investigate why this main burst in the first place and what caused destruction in this neighborhood. back to you. >> all right, john, thank you so much. clearly authorities have a lot of work on their hands there. turns out this is the third major fire to break out in the u.s. this week. colorado crews are starting to get a handle on a huge wildfire
5:36 am
that has been burning near boulder for several days now and in detroit officials are trying to figure out how much damage was caused by fires that swept across the city earlier this week. >> today, a hearing will be held today for the alleged silver springs rapest. he is suspected in more than 25 rapes and has already been convicted in two other states. a lawsuit filed this week alleged that a former d.c. pup schoolteacher had a long-term sexual relationship with an emotionally disturbed teen. d.n.a. tests show he is the father over the 18-month-old baby girl. friends of two college students injured in an apparent drunk driving accident are desperately hoping that they
5:37 am
will recover. the students were hit by a car wednesday morning at 18th and florida avenue in adams morgan. julie bachleitner is in critical condition and melissa basque is in grave condition. >> lots of requests from the students to get updates on what's going on. they are wonderful people and we just wish the best for them. >> 23-year-old chamica adams of mitchellville was arrested after the accident. her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> 5:37 now on this friday morning. 58 degrees outside. >> still ahead here on "good morning washington," a disturbing story about metroaccess safety. for the fourth time this year, a driver arrested for allegedly attacking a passenger. >> but first, another check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. this kenmore elite multi-motion washer...
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anytime. no black outs. no restrictions on airfare and hotels. ultimate rewards is available on chase credit, debit and business cards. chase what matters. >> hi, i'm adam green. we're in front of the shakespeare theater. we'll be performing "alls well that ends well." come check us out. good morning, washington. >> it is comfortable. another great day. looking comfortable.
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48 degrees. harrisonburg, 48. fairfax is 55. it has been 18 days without rain. we need some showers. we're in a severe drought through much of central virginia and even extreme. nice up ther 70's today. kind of pleasant and fall-like. then rain by sunday, late saturday night into midday sunday, we are anticipating some showers. we'll take every drop we can get. >> we have slow traffic getting past the interchange in hyattstown. all lanes are open. there is a problem, a vehicle hit a utility poll at dennis and university. let's show you -- pole at dennis and university.
5:42 am
we have traffic getting by an accident where police are under investigation. back to you. >> thanks. 5:41 now. 58 degrees on this friday morning. >> coming up, another sneak peek behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars". how one contestants is getting ready. plus four reports sexaults this year. >> first, a double deadly
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. >> checking our top stories now. a florida pastor says he is rethinking his decision to cancel plans to burn copies of
5:46 am
the quran. reverend terry jones said he was promised a proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero would be moved. the imam planning that said that deal was never made. one person was killed after a massive explosion and fire near san francisco. it has destroyed or damaged dozens of homes in san bruno and officials say it may have been caused by a gas line. a woman suspended from her job at a kraft food plant in philadelphia opened fire killing two people. a third person was critically injured. kraft says the splant closed until further notice. >> 5:46 is too the time now. for the fourth time this year, a metroaccess driver is under arrest, accused of attacking a
5:47 am
passenger. the most recent case involves this man, samuel kingston, 49 years old. this is prompting some changes with the metroaccess? >> it is. they plan to hold one-hour training sessions for the drivers reiterating what is appropriate, acceptable and lawful. so many customers asking are they safe. >> police say 59-year-old daniel kington sexually assaulted a passenger. it is the fourth similar arrest from metroaccess. in july a driver allegedly raped a passenger. she uses metroaccess and claims
5:48 am
she has been harsed but not assaulted by drives. >> it makes you nervous. as you see, i walk with a cain. >> he was dropping the woman off at a clinic and she was sexually assaulted. >> i say hi to him all the fisme he talks to us. >> he works for a contractor, a company metro uses to provide door-to-door service for the elderly or disabled. > i would think they need to have better screening before they hire someone. >> we do know that kingston had a full background check. no prior convictions or arrests. we can also tell you that metro plans to again hold this training session for all of their employees. >> thank you, courtney.
5:49 am
metro is pulling 99 buses off the road after a fire broke out on a bus. this happened yesterday on the beltway in springfield. they said they are going to test the diesel-powered o'ryan 6 models. reserve buses will be in service today and there will be a slight disfluppings service. >> police -- disruption in service. >> five recent armed robberies involved student victims. police urge students to be cautious when walking alone at night. capitol hill employees owe back taxes. $9.3 million in overdue taxes at the end of last year. 638 or about 4% of capitol hill workers owed back taxes. the average unpaid tax bill was
5:50 am
among $12,000 among senate workers and $15,000 among houseworkers. the threat of a republican revolt has forced bob mcdonald to change his liquor tax proposal. he is now pushing for a 2.5% convenience fee which establishment would pay. >> it is 5:50 and time for your traffic and weather. adam joining us here. good morning. >> good morning. a fantastic friday morning it is. beautiful out. the weather overcomes the ills from your team losing. still dark outside. sun isn't up until 6:45 a.m.
5:51 am
boy is that nice. that's what i like about the september cold fronts. manassas, 61. ve yena, 57. crank open the windows. let that fresh air circulate. yesterday, 81 was the high temperature at reagan national. the record high today is 98. it has been 18 days without rainfall. today will be day 19 and tomorrow day 20. look at the stretch we had in 2007, 34 days in a row. it is bad but we have seen worse around here. i showed you the drought monitor. i posted it on facebook. i'll show you where the worst of the drought is in our very. the remnants of hermine is still moving through our area. late saturday into sunday will
5:52 am
translate into few showers. today, high and dry, a lot of sunshine. wind may be picking up to 15-mile-per-hour. saturday, a lot of sunshine. low 80's. monday, tuesday, low 80's. seasonable and sunny. that's it for the forecast. back to jim with the traffic. >> university boulevard and dennis avenue, officials are still putting back a utility pole. this is apparently in the southbound direction. the eastbound right lane is blocked. traffic signals dark in that intersection as well. police will help to get you around this situation. on the beltway, slow traffic. back to you. >> thanks. >> well, you're a veteran of this story. i know you're well-versed.
5:53 am
let's get right to your opinion here as we get ready to kick off another season of "dancing with the stars." the stars themselves are gearing up for a long road ahead. >> it includes singer michael bolton. he is squeezing in as many rehearsals as possible before the first night. he said it has been pretty difficult to fit in the six to eight hours of rehearsals a day while he is on tour but he says he is up to the challenge. it is a grueling competition. to attempt that while on tour, i think is impressive. >> is that feasible? you have interviewed multiple times contestants. can you do that? >> you can do it. olympic athletes say training for "dancing with the stars" is harder than training for the olympics. they say that. i don't know.
5:54 am
that is really taking on a lot. >> you had better start now >> absolutely not. >> you'd be great at it. >> i can do the polka. i can polka. >> what is that other one? gun, gun? >> shooter, shooter? >> time now, 5:53. it is 58 degree outside. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do.
5:55 am
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♪ where i spend the night and start the day. ♪ olympic premium paint, environmentally preferred. zero vocs. all this at a great price, starting at $17 per gallon. home begins with an olympic finish. >> 5:56 is your time.
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welcome back to washington. a virginia father's fight to get his daughter back has taken him across the country. >> he went to the supreme court to argue for custody of his daughter, emma who he had never met. she was adopted after his girlfriend signed papers without his permission. he arked that the child, now 19-month-old belongs with him in virginia, which granted him custody. >> halfway across the country and they want me to comply with their laws and my state said i did everything to protect my rights. >> now the baby lives with adopted parents. >> an attorney for the adoptive parents said wyat missed the deadline to act. the utah supreme court isn't expected to issue a ruling in this case until the end of the year. >> there is a lot more to come in the second hour of "good
5:58 am
morning washington". >> coming up, standing up to cancer and hoping for a cure. a preview of tonight's big telethon. >> the controversial florida pastor behind the quran-burning >> the controversial florida pastor behind the quran-burning event has flip-flopped on
5:59 am

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